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Our mission is to improve health outcomes of cancer patients while reducing treatment delays and treatment costs.

Similar to heart and stroke patients, time to treatment also matters for cancer patients. Treatment delay elevates the risk of death and increase the cost of healthcare.
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Dennis R. Holmes, MD, FACS

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, & Chief Product Officer
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Dennis R. Holmes, M.D. is an internationally renowned breast surgeon, cancer researcher, and serial innovator who is credited with multiple methodological, technical, and device innovations that are transforming the treatment of breast cancer in the U.S. and abroad. His latest innovation is the XpediteMD.  Dr. Holmes led the creation of XpediteMD after recognizing how cancer treatment delays compromise patient survival, create cancer health disparities, and increase the cost of care. 

According to Dr. Holmes, "XpediteMD, we are now able to improve cancer patient health outcomes, enhance patient experience, and reduce the cost of healthcare by streamlining workflows and automating processes that routinely delay cancer care." Furthermore, by ensuring guideline-concordant care, the XpediteMD platform eliminates treatment disparities that contribute to cancer survival disparities. This is accomplished with an easy to use, shared digital health platform that unites patients, health care providers and payers around the common missions of increasing the efficiency, quality and value of cancer care.

Based on his work with XpediteMD and its potential impact on healthcare delivery nationwide, Dr. Holmes was selected by the American College of Surgeons and American Society of Breast Surgeons as the joint 2023 Health Policy Scholar amongst the organizations’ combined 80,000 members.

Riya Pulicharam, MD, CPI

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Medical Officer
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Dr. Riya Pulicharam is a physician researcher, health economist and a certified clinical trials investigator. In the role of the National Medical Director for Population Health at Legacy Healthcare Partners, Davita Medical Group and most recently Optum, she has conducted over 500 research studies over a 23 year period.

Dr. Pulicharam is a leading expert in population health and social determinants of health and has designed and executed clinical care pathways for high-risk patient populations managed in value-based healthcare organizations. She founded the Population Health Economics and Outcomes Department at HealthCare Partners.  She also participated in industry advisory boards overseeing drug development including designing of phase 1 through phase 4 clinical trials for major pharmaceutical companies and academic centers.

At multiple organizations, she spearheaded many quality improvement initiatives to reduce total healthcare cost for chronic disease management and cancer care programs at the healthcare organizations and has been showcased through various publications that led to the change in clinical care guidelines.

Dr. Pulicharam co-founded the Southern California Oncology Research Alliance (SCORA) network where she partnered with and trained community oncologists on the importance of conducting clinical research to help their patients get access to the latest cancer treatments and improve the survivor surveillance programs through education and awareness.

She is currently an ardent patient advocate especially for vulnerable and economically challenged patients who are facing barriers to timely and quality care. She is an inventor of a patented population health digital platform that enables healthcare systems to reduce hospitalizations and ER visits by 57% plus for high risk patients as well as improves quality metrics and outcomes through automation and machine learning.

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Our Team

We Believe in Teamwork

Artem Petrov
Head of Product

Artem is a seasoned Digital Health and Product Management executive with a robust background in various technologies and omni-platform user experience design. His journey began in 2002, advancing from various management roles to co-founding several tech companies. Artem has significantly impacted the healthcare industry, focusing on AI-driven population health, showcasing his expertise in product strategy and development across clinical and patient-facing solutions.

Sylvain Ntwali

Sylvain is an accomplished Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a background as a senior software engineer. His extensive experience includes notable companies such as Google and various healthcare startups, showcasing his expertise in both tech giants and innovative healthcare ventures. Sylvain's expertise extends to the healthcare industry, where he has played a pivotal role in leading complex integrations with multiple Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in previous healthcare companies. His hands-on experience with such integrations highlights his technical prowess and strategic acumen in navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare technology. As a CTO, Sylvain continues to oversee technological strategy and development, leveraging his diverse experiences for effective leadership in the tech industry.

Ali Fardos
Senior Software Engineer

Throughout his professional journey, Ali has demonstrated a proven track record in front-end development and user interface design, always striving to enhance business outcomes and exceed business goals. He consistently delivers high-quality solutions and is capable of innovating systems and strategies to boost productivity and reduce expenses.

Sophia Qiu
Product Designer

Sophia is a UX designer with a passion for creating transformative and lasting positive experiences that have the potential to positively impact people's lives. Since 2023, she has been actively contributing to XpediteMD's vision, dedicated to delivering impactful digital healthcare experiences that enhance and improve the overall quality of patient care.

Abdul Wajid
Quality Control Engineer

Wajid is a passionate Full Stack Developer & QA Engineer who blends innovation with a decade of tech mastery, pioneering automated testing for software excellence.  He is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions and exploring the frontiers of emerging technologies. Beyond coding, Wajid is exploring emerging tech trends with a focus on web security, AI’s impact on development, and scalable architectures.

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  • Decrease time to treatment
  • Decrease cancer mortality
  • Decrease or eliminate prior auth delays
  • Decreate patient complaints
  • Decrease health disparity
  • Decrease administrative overhead
  • Decrease direct cost of healthcare
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